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Aston Martin Brand Film Released

trademark productions in partnership with Khurrum M. Sultan have created this stunning new brand film for the new Aston Martin Cygnet. The film was launched on the Aston Martin facebook page and is already ramping up the views on youtube.

As you’ll see from the making of film the entire shoot was a great challenge, but trademark productions ably managed to bring together actors, equipment, tracking vehicles and locations to make this film a success.

Numerous car websites and magazines have picked up on the launch, a selection of their quotes can be found below:

[London based Sultan] made the film for his final project, and although it looks like a big commercial for the Cygnet, we like his thinking here. He made classy film, Aston publicised its car, terrific.” (

[Khurrum] “took his creative eye to the Cygnet to see how he could make it appealing. You know what? We think he’s managed.” (



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